About Us

Our dedicated team

Studio E has a dedicated team of teachers and visiting artists who teach our weekly programs. Children's teachers hold a NYS Teaching license. Teachers for our tween classes and older are accomplished  practicing artists with competency in their fields. 

Our Classes

Studio E offers seasonal courses in Pottery, Ceramics, Drawing and Painting to all ages! Courses are always eight weeks long are are crafted with educational standards closely in mind. We recommend registering early to ensure your space. Studio E maintains a small group ratio of six students to one teacher. This is to ensure quality of our classes. 

Studio E also offers weekly workshops, which are separate from our seasonal courses. These workshops vary from jewelry making, paint nights, illustration, clay workshops and more! You do not need to be a currently enrolled student to register for workshops.

There are no fees associated with our studio other than tuition. You will never be charged a "registration fee" like most other studios do. We include all supplies unless otherwise noted. Firings, clay and glazes are always included in the tuition cost. We also do not hold onto your credit card information. There are no "rolling subscriptions" or anything of that nature. We are a family owned business with values. We care about our community and we care about YOU! Stop in anytime to grab a schedule and see what we're about!

Our Core Staff

Michelle Stylianou, Proprietor and Children's Teacher

Michelle and Stelios purchased Studio E in 2012. Michelle had previously worked for the former owner for several years and was thrilled for the opportunity to purchase the business that she loved so much!

Michelle is a Professionally Licensed Art Teacher in New York State. She is also a yoga instructor and a reiki master, both of which she enjoys infusing into workshops!

Michelle teaches several of our Children's classes such as Mixed Media, Art Start and Toddler and Me. She previously taught elementary art in several school districts and private schools, which gave her the experience, confidence  and knowledge necessary to run Studio E.

Michelle attended Adelphi's Graduate program in Art Education and also has a bachelor's degree in Fine Art from Stony Brook University. Michelle Studied illustration with the late Jeffrey Fisher where she met stelios and the two began their artistic journey together. 

Stelios Stylianou, Proprietor and Painting Teacher

Stelios and Michelle met in 2005 while taking classes together with the late illustrator, Jeffrey Fisher. They soon began their journey together getting married in 2010 and opening Studio E in 2012. 

Stelios teaches many of Studio E's core classes such as adult painting, adult pottery, Teen classes and more.He graduated with a BFA from Stony Brook University in 2003 and is a professional working artist.

Stelios has exhibited his paintings throughout Long Island and in several NYC galleries. 

Lauren Heller, Children's Teacher

Lauren Heller is a fine Artist and Certified Art Teacher. She earned a Bachelors degree in humanities and arts from Carnegie Mellon university and a Masters in Art Education from Chatham University. She works in Mixed Media, Painting and Ceramics. 

Lauren teaches several children classes each week at Studio E including Ceramics, Art Start and Mixed Media. She has been teaching for Studio E since 2015.

Lauren Belcastro, Clay Instructor

Lauren has been teaching classes at Studio E since 2013. She began as our studio assistant when she graduated with her Bachelors of Fine Art.

Lauren now leads several of our children's ceramics classes under Michelle and Stelios' guidance. She also teaches an adult ceramics program called "Earth and Spirit" Ceramics. She is a dedicated artist and will be going back to school for a masters degree in the near future. 

Lauren teaches many of our weekly workshops in clay and painting. She is a Reiki master and also a yoga instructor, which she enjoys infusing into her programs. 

Justin Salino, Studio Assistant

Justin Salino is our Studio's assistant teacher. He began as an intern in 2017, where is showed his dedication and professionalism. Shortly after his internship ended, we hired him as our studio assistant. You will see him assisting in many of our classes, camps and workshops. He pans to go back to school for a BFA in the near future. 

Chris Coyle, Pottery Teacher

Chris is a pottery instructor in our studio and teaches some of our evening pottery classes. He graduated with a Bachelors of Fine art with a focus on pottery.

He began as an intern at Studio E and was hired to teach adult classes shortly after his internship. 

Visiting Instructors

Mark Levine, Illustration Teacher

I have been working as an illustrator/artist for over 35 years. I am a published illustrator and accomplished art director for a wide variety of publishers, companies, and industries. My illustrations are published for catalog covers, comic books, magazines, advertising, editorials, and packaging. Additionally my artwork has also been in numerous galleries, art shows, and exhibitions.

Developing drawing and painting styles, mastering techniques, and experimenting with various mediums fuels my abilities to deliver my concepts and visions as a diverse body of work.

A body of work that finds inspiration from nature, spirituality, the human condition, and political/ social events. Capturing an inspired moment as a drawing or painting gives me the opportunity to share moments of inspiration. No matter the subject matter or the medium(s) used to create my artwork, there is a rhythm-a consistency that resinates from one project to the next.

My most recent accomplishments is self-publishing my own books, and an on line comic book, “Cold Cuts” , The “7 Deadly Sins”, in addition to a coloring book-“ MonstrePieces”. I launched an apparel line, “MonstreThreads”- featuring my illustrations of the fantasy and horror genres. 

Last year, I presented “The Art-of-Story Telling” to StudioE, a course that would explore story boarding and comic books. The opportunity for me to share my experiences, talent, and expertise with students is a great privilege for  me.



Explore my portfolios and gallery for an in depth view of my artwork of illustrations of the fantastic and scary.


Traditional fine art, using conventional drawing and painting methods.


My career scope as an art director.


Studied Illustration at the School of Visual Arts, NYC

Studied Printmaking and Painting at New Paltz State University

Studied Commercial Art at Duchess Community College: Graduated with an Associates degree and now teaches "The Art of Storytelling" every season! 

Susan LaSorsa

Susan LaSorsa is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui tradition as well as a certified Tibetan Tones Sound Practitioner; and has facilitated Singing Crystal Bowl and Guided Meditation sessions for the past six years. She holds an BA in Fine art, and an MS in Elementary Education and is NYS Certified N-6.  Susan is the owner of Peaceful Lily Designs & Serenity Facilitation in Center Moriches, NY.  " I deepen my commitment daily to bringing inner peace and healing to others, by sharing my passion for Meditation, Energy Healing, Essential Oils and Crystals with everyone I meet."

Susan Ferro

Susan Ferro is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Sound Healer, experienced in Crystal and Tibetan Bowls and Certified Crystal Healer. She is dedicated to her passion and a path of healing and service. She teaches many Holistic Healing Classes, as well as Creative workshops, such as Crystal Wire Wrapping. She is also the Jewelry Designer of Natures Gems Ny Crystal Jewelry.

Katherine Mitchell

Kathrine Mitchell, Intuitive, empowerment consultant, artist and certified in Hatha yoga.  Her sessions, and art bridge the laws of spirit and science with the practice of The Tao, yoga, meditation and the Aligning method.  Engaging the individual with an empowering, yet gentle approach to find strength to make changes in their lives, and understand their journey inspired The Aligning and Intuitive yoga programs, so the individual may cultivate peace, harmony and enlightenment has been her mission for over three decades.