Self Direction & Special Abilities

Students who receive self direction funding streaming may choose from any of our classes. All of our classes offer an inclusive environment where students of all abilities are welcome. 1:1’s are welcome and will sit at the same table as the student. Our staff will provide receipts and invoices for you to be reimbursed. (Please request this in person during class and allow up to 1 week to complete.)

For students who require a self contained style environment, we offer specific class time on Wednesday afternoons in “Special Abilities Art Classes”. These classes are perfect for students who require more attention or may be disruptive in a traditional class setting. 1:1’s are always welcome. For the safety of our staff and students, we cannot support physical behaviors of any kind in our studio.

If you are not sure whether to register for our Special Abilities art class or regular classes, please send us an email at and tell us more about the individual so we can help find the best class fit.

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