Illustration Classes with Mark Levine

The Art Of Storytelling for ages 9-15


Have  you ever wanted to tell your story through characters and comic illustration? 

The Art-of-Storytelling will give each student the opportunity to explore their own concepts, stories and characters, in a sequential layout used in comic book and graphic novels. The course however is not limited to storyboarding for comic books. Mark will present to the class as a whole, his techniques and methodology as they can be applied to produce comic strips, cell animation, storyboards for a video game, or online graphics.It is important to note that each student will be given one on one direction and support by Mark in each class. He will encourage each student to work on their own level as far as talent, abilities, interest, and subject matter. He will direct students so that they can complete their individual goal(s), stay on task and develop a new set of skills. Some students will complete a three page story while others might complete a couple of stories that are 3-5 pages. Homework assignments are sometimes general one page assignments based on a theme given in class so that students  can develop the theme however they like and use whatever mediums they are comfortable with.Besides tapping into each students drawing and painting abilities as it applies to illustrating, Mark will teach layout and design, printing techniques, calligraphy, masthead-title page design and art direction.Lastly, Mark will encourage a “team” atmosphere that reflects on art studio bullpens that produce artwork for the comic book industry.Sharing ideas, sketching together, and discussing a broad range of subjects. 

Tuition: $220/ 7 week session. Class meets the following Sundays from 10AM-Noon

Late Fall Session Dates: 11/3, 11/10, 11/17, 11/24, 12/8, 12/15, 12/22


"The Chameleon Artist" for students ages 16-Adult


This class is geared to the artist who would like to develop his/her skills towards exploring illustration. The artwork produced in class would be for a series of specific graphic art projects where  illustration would be used. 
Projects include assignments for packaging, book cover, editorial, and a poster. The subject matter for each project is open to the students interests. The student can also select the medium(s) they choose to work with. (Colored pencil, markers, pen and Inkor painting.)
Mark will be teaching the process using the method of thumbnails through comps, to the final artwork. There will be a focus on understanding print production and how to create artwork that will be printed properly as far as graphic print production requirements. An understanding of current digital artwork will also be discussed to further give students the full understanding of how the artwork will be printed.

Tuition: $220/ 7 week session. Class meets the following Sundays from 12:30-2:30PM

Late Fall Session Dates: 11/3, 11/10, 11/17, 11/24, 12/8, 12/15, 12/22


Registration and Class Policies

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Class Policies:

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  • Students are responsible for their behavior in class. Our teachers have the autonomy to redirect students as often as necessary to ensure a safe and happy space for all of the students. If a students behavior is a continuous problem, this will be discussed with the parent so that we may create a plan of action together. 
  • Cellphones: We understand that students may need to keep their cellphones handy to reach a parent. Often times we also have students use their cellphones (if they have one with them) to look up a photo reference. If we find that a student is continuously using their cellphone for other things not related to class, we will redirect them and inform the parent. Please have a conversation with your student ahead of time about appropriate cellphone use in class.